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Two Ways of Home Automation Control

date:2018-09-13 14:51

Two Ways of Home Automation Control

The Simplest home automation system consists of one device (like a ceiling fan) and one controller (like an RF remote control). With this, you could turn a fan on and turn the fan off. Add light switches and you can control lights in as many rooms as you like. Nifty? Sure. Automatic? Not exactly, since you’re still the one controlling everything manually. What’s missing are a ‘smart’ controller and network enabled electronic control units. Targeting for different customers’ needs, we are offering two ways of home automation control: Smartphone Direct Control and Central Hub Control. Our smart plug-ins, adaptors, switches, sensors or controllers can be either directly controlled by a smart phone or controlled by a central hub over the Internet either inside or outside the home.


Smartphone Direct Control. Smartphones have become a necessity in many people’s daily life. More and more people want to use smartphone as a remote control device. User friendly interface of smartphone makes it an easy task and enjoyable experience to remotely control and monitor home appliances. By a gentle touch on a smartphone’s touch screen, you can adjust temperature, humidity, or brightness and you can monitor security alarm, video camera, or home appliances, directly from your smartphone or via a WIFI access point.




Central Hub Control. Having broadband access to the Internet from home has become relatively commonplace, and an increasing number of homeowners have routers already installed in their homes. Today people are more comfortable than ever with networking concepts, and are increasingly open to the idea of adding network capabilities to their home environments. All home automation devices can be monitored and controlled over the Internet either inside or outside the home, checking and adjusting lights, temperature, humidity, security, audio, and more. Not only can you call to check on the status of your home, but your system can actually contact you! Be notified of an alarm or that children are safe as soon as they have returned home from their day at school.



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