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Our Home Automation Solutions

date:2019-01-27 14:56

Our Home Automation Products

Home automation system will become more and more widely adopted because not only can it make homes green by making them more energy efficient, but also it can make our daily life more enjoyable by bringing us unprecedented convenience and ease. However, people may usually run into problems such as the need to control existing appliances which are not network control compatible but still have many years of lifetime, and the difficulties to change the existing electrical wiring installation. Also, people may still have concerns about home automation system because they are not familiar with the new concept and consider it costly. In order to address these problems, we aim to help our customers to have smooth transition. To meet different needs, we have developed many home automation products.


Smart Plug-ins and Smart Adaptors: These are our new products specifically developed for home automation systems. The smart plug-ins can be directly plugged onto existing plug-ins, while the smart adaptors can be directly screwed onto existing sockets. Therefore, without changing existing wiring installation or modifying existing appliances, you can control power supplies, appliances, lights, ventilation fans, security cameras, etc., directly from your smart phone or via internet network.




We have different models of smart plug-in and smart adaptors with different functionalities. Besides simple on/off switch function, other functions such as dimming, timing, speed control, etc., can also be built into those smart electronic control units.


Smart Wall Switches: We have been offering standard electronic wall switches for many years. By adding a WIFI transceiver and developing new embedded firmware, we have started to convert them into network control enabled wall switches. New generation smart switches can still fit into standard wall boxes. Therefore, without modifying existing appliances, you can control power supplies, appliances, lights, ventilation fans, security cameras, etc., directly from your smart phone or via internet network.




Having acquired new network control capabilities, new generation smart switches retain the functionalities of traditional electronic wall switches, such as dimming, timing, speed control, temperature control, humidity control, etc.


Smart Sensors: In order to automatically control home environment, a home automation system needs to monitor what’s going on around the home. Smart sensors are exactly the electronic units used for collecting surrounding information for home automation system. Our smart sensors include occupancy sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, etc.


iPuray is the right switch for smart control whenever you want or wherever you want! Among our home automation products also are smart central control HUB and smart control software. Here’s what you’ll need to get started with our home automation system:


1. Smart control platform software and (of course) a smart phone or a tablet to run it on.

2. A smart central control HUB to communicate with your devices (you do not need a central control hub if you intend tocontrol just one device using your smartphone).

3. Smart switches,smart plug-ins, smart adaptors, and smart sensors. There are many of them to choose from to control lighting, fans, HVAC, security and many more.


Bring your imagination. It never ceases to amaze us how creative our users are. Our talented engineers are ready to work closely with you.

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