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What Is Home Automation?

date:2017-12-22 14:48

What Is Home Automation?

A home automation system makes your life easier, makes your home more comfortable, saves you energy, and gives you more security and a peace of mind. And, it is fun too! It automatically coordinates security, temperatures, humidity, lighting, and audio/video. It simplifies your life by shifting the more mundane and tedious tasks from you to your home. With a ‘smarter’ home, you can focus more of your time and energy on the people and things that matter most to you. Only your imagination is the limit of what home automation is capable of doing for you.




A home automation system consists of a central control HUB and network enabled electronic control units installed around the home. As the fundamental building blocks of a home automation system, these electronic control units include switches, controllers, or sensors.


Our Home Automation Solutions

Since the company was founded in March, 2000, we have focused on smart controls of home appliances, lights and fans by offering a large variety of embedded PCB controller boards, wall mount switches and stand-alone sub-systems. Building on our extensive expertise of smart controls over home environment, we started to enhance our product offerings with networking capability upgrade in recent years.


Evolutionary. Our home automation has a unique evolutionary system design. Our full suite of network enabled electronic control units are upgraded from our traditional products. This is the quickest and smartest way to have a home automation system without changing existing wiring installation or modifying existing appliances. Built on our specialties and experiences, our network enabled switch system is a new concept for home automation. We have more than 30 patents in smart switches, smart plug-ins, and smart adaptors. We have different smart switches for different application scenes, or different specialty smart switches for different appliances. We have been marketing our product under brand name iPuray – not your ordinary switch.


Expandabe. Our automation system expands easily if your needs or wants change. Our products are designed to integrate and automate the major systems of a typical home. You can add lighting, heating/cooling, security, appliances, window coverings, irrigation systems and Audio/Video equipment, and more. We can work closely with you to expand and customize a home automation system now, or at any time in the future.


Affordable. We are committed to offering cost effective home automation system for different lifestyle. Price depends on the size of home and the options that you choose. A basic home automation system costs less than $200. While making your home green by making it more energy efficient, our home automation system will save money on your energy bills. You can recoup your investment quickly.

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